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Delta Lambda Development Programs

The destiny of Pi Kappa Alpha rests today with thee. Pikes understand that we all stand on the shoulders of great men who came before us. To their legacy and to our own, we give generously so the next generation of Pikes have all the tools they need to not only succeed, but dominate in every way. These Password protected sections (after the intro in each section) highlight our targeted programs of giving.

Pi Kappa Alpha Alumni

The Pike Housing Fund

The Housing Fund is created to retire the debt incurred to build the largest and greatest fraternity house in America. For the greater good and long run success of our fraternity, we must eliminate this debt in order to keep our chapter on solid financial ground. Read More
Pi Kappa Alpha Alumni

The Pike Dining Initiative

Any fraternity man will tell you that some of his fondest memories are of breaking bread with his brothers. In the old Mansion on Wildwood Drive, Saturday morning breakfasts were filled with ambitious thoughts for the weekend ahead and tales of the week and night before. Fellowship and brotherhood go... Read More
Pi Kappa Alpha Alumni

The Pikes Scholars in Residence Fund

The fund was created to support rush targets, pledges and brothers who are so beloved and possess so much potential, that we cannot afford to lose them over family or personal financial difficulties. While our ambitious and eventual goal of this fund is to support the housing costs of every... Read More
Pi Kappa Alpha Alumni

The Old Guard

The Old Guard was established by Charlie Barnes in 1980 to stand guard to protect the virtues, integrity and standing of the Chapter. It is our primary and most important funding opportunity. Reserve funds are always maintained as a last resort to defend our beloved fraternity in a court of... Read More