Pike Connect

Through Pike Connect - we link generations of Pikes by putting the best of our seasoned brothers in touch with the newest generation top quality young men looking for advice, internships and jobs. Every young man wants to find that first great opportunity right out of college and every man running a business will tell you the hardest part of his job is finding great talent. There is no greater pool of top quality talent than the Florida State Pikes. We find and foster the most competitive, driven and successful men anywhere in the world.

Delta Lambda Pikes are Scholars, Gentlemen, Leaders and Athletes - Exactly what you want as an employer.

Pi Kappa Alpha Alumni

Mentor Program

The Pike Mentor Program is designed to introduce undergraduate brothers to alumni brothers who have established themselves in various career fields. Mentors can be for college, career and even personal advice. Sometimes even the best of our young men need a little guidance in life, this program is created to provide guidance and leadership to our young brothers.
Pi Kappa Alpha Alumni

Pike Internship Program

The Pike Internship Program is designed to connect undergraduates seeking internships to alumni who own or operate businesses seeking or needing interns for summer or semester experiences. This helps connect generations of Pikes and enables our seasoned brothers to lend a helping hand to talented young brothers eager to find their future in the business world.
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Pike Jobs & Resume Bank
Hire the best - Hire a Pike
Work with the best - Work with a Pike

The Pike Job and Resume Bank is intended as a tool for any brother at any stage of his career looking for career options – young and old and for all Pike owned and Pike run businesses who wish to find the very best potential employees available.
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Pike Ventures

Capital and Opportunities - a future program we plan to offer to enable brothers to seek capital and offer venture funding to Pike owned and run enterprises.