Sires and Sons Throughout the Years




Barry and Andrew Smith



Clay Olesen ’67 and Clay, Jr. ’87.            Clay Olesen ’67 and Clay, Jr. ’87



Ernie Reiter ’86, Mitchell Reiter ‘14           Scott Roix ’85 and Max Roix ‘18


Tom Wheeler, Brent Sembler, Harry Sargeant, Mickey Fernandez, and Jimmy Keen                                                   All five men have sons in the chapter


Larry Bodkin ‘83 with sons Mark ’16 and Ander ’15.  Mark and Ander were initiated at Jacksonville University. Their youngest brother Ben will be entering FSU in 2020.


Barry Smith ’72 and Andrew Smith ’10


Chris Dietz ’87 and Caleb Dietz ‘11


Garrett Sargeant Pledged aboard the Booster cruise.                                                                                         Brother Harry IV, father Harry and Lance Barton witness.


Steve Gabbard ’87 and Stephen Gabbard ‘14


Gene Halley ’67 and Josh Halley ’01                                                                                                                           Josh was Chief Osceola


Jim Pitts ’62 and John Pitts ’06 (Fireman)
Jim Cobb ’63 and Kevin Cobb ’06 (Fireman)


Randy Allen ’85 and Brandon Allen ‘14


Tracy Schulis ’76 and Bryan Schulis ’03


Tyler Russell ’10, Doug Russell ’78, David Gutting ’83 and Sterling Gutting ‘16


James Graganella *14 and Jimmy Graganella ’12


Chance Trickett ’08 and Clint Trickett ’10 [sons of Rick Trickett *10]


Robbie Stahl ’07 and dad Robert Stahl ‘10


Josh Vance ’04, Joe Vance ’11, Jesse Vance ’80, Jake Vance ’08


Wade Wilcox ’86 and Griffin Wilcox ‘14


Standing:  Joe Feheley ’81 (son Sean Feheley ‘14), Doug Russell ’79 (son Tyler Russell ’10), David Gutting ’83, David Rancourt ’84, Mike Markowski ’75, Steven Centeno ’16 son of Tobyn De Young ’86, Scott Gutierrez ’91 [UF], Chris Gutterez ’87 [UF].
Kneeling:  Sterling Gutting ’16, Wyatt Rancourt ’16, Ryan Markowski ’16, Alex Gutierrez ’16.


SMC Wyatt Rancourt.  SMC Doug Russell.  SMC David Rancourt                                                                          Then SMC Russell initiated David in 1984 and did the honors again in 2015 for David’s son Wyatt who went on to become SMC in 2108


Bobby Bowden ’49 and grandson Michael Madden ’15                                                                                      Michael is the son of John Madden ’80 (deceased)


Bobby Bowden and son Jeff Bowden


Brett Lindquist ’81 and Cole Lindquist ’13


Mark Gambil ’81 and Eric Gambil ‘12


Joe Feheley ’81 and Sean Feheley ‘14


Enjoying a view of the courtyard from the SMC’s balcony suite in April, 2019 are Harry Sargent ’78 and Garrett Sargeant ’16; SMC Wyatt Rancourt ’16 and David Rancourt ’84; Max Roix ’18 and Scott Roix ’85


Jeff Sandy ’73, Neal Sandy ’46, Fred Kushmer ’46 and Dean Kushmer ’73.


Jeff Sandy ’73with his father Neal Sandy ’46. Dean Kushmer ’73with his father Fred Kushmer ’46. The photo was taken on initiation day January 19, 1973. Jeff Sandy and Dean Kushmer were fall, 1972 pledges. Their fathers, Neal Sandy and Fred Kushmer had been Pike pledge brothers together at the University of Florida in 1946. Neal Sandy came to FSU after WWII and was one of the Founders of Delta Lambda Chapter.


Jim Pitts ’62 and John Pitts ’06 (Fireman)
Jim Cobb ’63 and Kevin Cobb ’06 (Fireman)