President Thrasher speaks to the chapter 2018

Former Chapter Advisor and SMC Doug Russell ’78 took special pleasure in performing the SMC role in the initiation of Wyatt Rancourt ’16.  When Russell was SMC in 1984 he also performed the initiation of Wyatt’s father, David Rancourt ’84.  Rancourt himself would become SMC in 1986, and his son Wyatt was elected SMC in 2019, the first Father/Son SMC tandem in Delta Lambda history.

Season opener in the Pike SkyBox: David Rancourt ’84, Jimmy Keen ’73, Andy Miller ’70, Danny Hendrix ‘75.  All now have sons in the chapter. 2015

Doug Russell ’79, Miguel Fernandez ‘77, Jimmy Keen ’73, Harry Sargeant ‘77, Tom Wheeler ‘78. All five alumni are fathers of Delta Lambda sons (Tyler Russell ’10, Michael Fernandez ‘10, Michael Keen ’14, Harry Sargeant IV ’02 and Kevin Wheeler ’09). 2015

Some of the alumni and Legacy Dads in attendance included Don Pumphrey ’09, Michael Keen ’14 and his father Jimmy Keen ’73, Bobby Bowden ’49, Doug Russell ’79, Ernie Reiter ‘86, Charlie Barnes ’65, Gary Peltz ‘80. 2014

Roberto Aguayo and Cason Beatty

Pikes on the 2013 National Championship Team

Delta Lambda opens the largest fraternity house in America. Oct 1, 2005 Grand Opening Celebration.

Bobby Bowden ’49 and Jimbo Fisher ’10.

Dr. Joe O’Shea ‘04: Rhodes Scholar, Student Body President and pledge class vice president.

Coach Bowden ’49 and grandson Michael Coury ‘73. Madden ’16  Bobby’s son Jeff Bowden initiated in 1980. Michael’s father was John Madden ’79.

Brotherhood (used to mean something back in the day when fights were common at the student bars along Tennessee Street and at The Phyrst.  No one was ever really hurt, but the brawls made great stories.

John Moughan ’67 as a mercenary in Afghanistan in (19??) teaching the Mujahedeen how to direct mortar fire on the Russians.  John’s story was covered in Soldier of Fortune Magazine.

The Firemen 1991

Firemen, 1990

Identical twins (Henry ’88 and Joe ’88 Ostaszewski ) carrying Coach Bowden ’49 off the field after the 45-30 victory over Florida in 1990.

National Champion college fraternity football team 1989

Spring 1986.  Florida State Pikes name Best Fraternity in America by Bantam Books, From Here to Fraternityauthors.

Firetruck, late 1980s

Fred Miller ’73 and Charlie Crist 1977 (’76?). Two Homecoming Chiefs.

1974: Playmate Carole Vitale and Bob Coury.  The two men of left are representatives of Playboy Enterprises. From: Red Baron Party

First Pike Pig Roast 1972

The Holiday Cruiser 1971

First Pikeboy 1971-72

C.P. Dukelow ’66. Pike, US Army Infantry. KIA, Vietnam. With our deepest respect.

IM football team 1964

From the FSU Yearook 1962.  Note the pledge wearing a croaker sack to the sorority social.

Delta Lambda 1960

Pike Colony 1993

Jim Kidder ’78, FSU’s fist Chief Osceola at his first appearance, 1978

Edward H. Cubbon ’29 (UWV). Chapter Advisor 1954-1976

Chapter Founder Ken MacLean ’44.  Caught the first pass in Seminole football history, then donated the ball to the chapter 60 years later.