Varsity Athletes

Pikes are proud of our tradition of cultivating scholars, leaders, athletes, and gentlemen.  We believe that a well rounded man must be capable and effective and in each of these categories and excel in more than one.  When we say excel, we don’t just mean to be good, we mean to be among the very best, the elite, and not just at Florida State University.

Perhaps the most telling story of our success as athletes is the number of varsity athletes our chapter has initiated and calls brothers.  While our intramural success is phenomenal, those achievements are equaled by the magnitude and success the the varsity athletes who are not just brothers, but men who are actively involved in our chapter, many serving as President, and even more who loved our fraternity so much, they sent their sons to be brothers years down the road.

Our story is never over, but in January 2017, our historian and leader Charlie Barnes wrote this formidable tribute to our student athletes.  It shall be updated periodically.

Click Here  to read Charlie Barnes’ story about Delta Lambda Varsity Pikes 1947-2016

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Varsity Athletes